Extra Curricular Actives

Aiming to inculcate in the students a sense of fair competitions and sportsman. Ship extra curricular activates are given the attention they deserve. Qirat competition declamation contest, intercollegiate debates, indoor games and study tours are all the spice the otherwise dry academic work. Tours are set out for boys and girls separately. Recreation and study tour recreation and study tours to the prominent places of the country are arranged by the college every year.

Declamation and Cultural Club
Declamation society ofJinnahMuslimCollegearranges intercollegiate debate and speech contest to explore the talent of the students cultural club plays vital role in the cultural life ofJinnahMuslimCollege. Mehfl-e-Mushira, Mehfl-e-Mouseeqi and drama attached are arranged for the entertainment and recreation of the students.
Career Counseling
The career service is available to help the student through all stages of decision making, from choosing a suitable career or courses of future study, for searching am employer. Career advisor are there to help the students and for more specialization enquires the students can make individual appointment to see a career advisor.
The college library offers a good collection of books an all almost every topic of student’s requirement. The college administration has tired its best to provide a very peaceful environment.
A capacious canteen has been arranged in the campus to provide the student ready eatables, tea and cold drinks under hygienic conditions at very random rates.
Parents Teacher Meeting
To have an effective check an the performance of every student there will be parents teacher meeting at the end of each house test so that the performance of weak students can be made better after discussion with their parents

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