Fee Concession

Merit Scholarships

80% concession of Tuition Fee is allowed to students who have secured 80% or more marks in graduation degree. Merit scholarships are allowed for fresh graduates only.

Kinship Scholarships
30% concession of tuition fee is allowed to the children of lawyers and judges, brothers and sisters of present or ex-students of Jinnah Muslim Law College.

Government Employees Scholarships
20% concession of tuition fee is allowed to candidates being Government employees. However, employees of courts are allowed concession upto 30% of tuition fee.

Procedure of Fee Concession:
1. Application for fee concession or scholarship must be submitted in college office before 30th September.
2. For kinship and employees concession/scholarship, a proof is to be attached with application.
3. Merit scholarships are withdrawn, if candidates could not maintain their results.