Rules and Regulations

The Rules are as follows:-

1.      Without prior permission of the Principal, no student is allowed to paste, exhibit, prepare or distribute any poster, notice, pamphlet or handbill in the college premises.
2.      Any student aggrieved at event happening in the college, large a complaint with the Principal only and not to any outside authority. The decision of the Principal shall in all cases be the final.
3.      An student remaining absent from college without proper leave for continuous 6 days excluding holidays shall be struck off unless the course of absence is explained to the satisfaction of the Principal, in which case the student may be admitted within 15 days after which student’s name is dropped from the college roll.
4.      A student coming late in the class will be marked absent.
5.      A fine of Rs. 10/- per period or Rs.50/- per day will be imposed for absentee without proper leave.
6.   Any political or immoral activity is strictly prohibited in or around the college premises.
7.   Smoke is strictly prohibited in the college.

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